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Facts on Australia
By:Harold Hisona

The rest of the world is wondering what Australia is like. There are certain facts on Australia that can be found in any print media or the Internet, however, most of them can only be discovered by coming to the place itself. For those who are blessed enough to witness the beauty of the continent, they can certainly boast about the best things they have experienced while those who just don't have the time nor money to spend, this article may be a little help to know some facts on Australia unknown to you.

A Brown, Wide Land - imagine about the 48 mainland states of USA, or 50% of Europe, that's how wide Australia is. Since it is wide enough, it also has the lowest population in the world with about two person per square kilometer only. Mostly, the land is brown especially during summer.

Laid-Back, Beach Lifestyle - only a few have known that Australia stretches about 50,000 kilometers and around 25% of that are beach lines; that would mean 10,000 kilometers of beach coasts are interconnected. Moreover, 85% of Australian population live within 50 kilometers of the coast. This is simply an integral part of Australian laid-back lifestyle. Most of the families want to spend holidays in the beaches rather than mountain climbing like Americans do.

Autonomous Government - very little know that Australia is the only nation in the world to govern the entire continent and all the islands within its boundaries. It may sound a bit ironic but it is the smallest continent yet the largest island in the face of the earth.

Primary Source of Opals - 85% of the opals in the world comes from Australia as well as 99% of the black ones. The place known as the opal capital of the is the town in the Southern Australia called Coober Pedy. In 1990, the world's largest opal was discovered from that town weighing 5.27 kilograms.

The government of Australia is making sure that everything within its territories is protected; the lives, properties, natural wonders, etc. Australia is a beautiful nation and continent that's why people from all over the world want to come to the place and experience what it is to live an Australian dream.

To get more updates about the place, read or subscribe to Australian News and discover for yourself the things you wanted to experience while enjoying in the place. The place as wide as it is has a lot to offer to every visitor or tourist.

Harold researches and writes about Australian News. He is also an active member of one of the News Forums on the Internet. Aside from being updated, there are so many advantages of reading fresh news or recent updates over the Internet. Therefore, it pays a lot to join in any News Community and interact with other news readers online http://nation.bigpondnews.com/.

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