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Travel in Australia and New Zealand

Visiting The Popular Tourist Destination of Sydney Australia
By:Sidney Morgan

As the latest slogan says: "There's no place in the world like Sydney." No one who has visited Sydney would disagree with that statement, but they might have a hard time telling you exactly why it's true. Like San Francisco, it has a famous bridge and is almost surrounded by water. Like the Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris, the Opera House is a symbol of Sydney. Like Southern California, Sydney is famous for its beach lifestyle. What is it that makes it stand apart?

The climate is one of the special things about Sydney. It's temperate climate makes it a great place to visit all year round. The ocean temperature, too, adds to its attraction as a beach lover's paradise. Except for a few short months a year, the water is warm enough to swim in comfortably but cool enough to be refreshing. It's a bit like having a Southern California climate in beautiful San Francisco.

No one can deny that Paris is one of the world's greatest city's and nobody complains about the fact that its atmosphere is so thoroughly French. But Sydney is a melting pot of people from around the globe. You can go to a café in Glebe and get great Greek food. In Balmain, you can find dozens of restaurants that serve modern Western cuisine. In another suburb, you will feel like you are in a little corner of Italy as you sit at an alfresco cafe sipping a cappuccino while you wait for your home made pasta. Then there are the Asian restaurants and the list goes on and on.

Nobody will deny that New York is a dynamic and exciting city. It's only drawback is that the laid back beach lifestyle is not one of its virtues. In contrast, everywhere in Sydney, even in the busy Central Business District, people seem to be relaxed and enjoying themselves. It's not likely you would see anyone strolling down Wall Street in a pair of board shorts, but it happens every day in Sydney.

In almost every other large metropolis, if you work in the city, you live in the city. That's not necessarily the case in Sydney. Thousands of commuters hop on the train from their Blue Mountain or Central Coast retreat and get to Sydney in no time at all. It is one big city where you can have it all - the beauty of nature and the excitement of the city. This is something you can discover for yourself when you visit Sydney. You don't have to rent a car to experience the Blue Mountains from Sydney. You can join the locals on the comfortable commuter's railway line.

One thing that makes Sydney unique is the simple fact that it is located in Australia. As cosmopolitan as the city is, it is still unmistakably Australian. As soon as you arrive, you seem to unwind and enjoy the relaxed Australian lifestyle.

Thanks to Sydney's extensive public transportation system, you don't really need to worry too much about where you stay. No matter where your Sydney accommodation is located, it will be close to a train, bus or ferry that can take you wherever you want to go. Don't worry about taking a change of clothes with you, either. Even if you choose to stay in a 5 star resort in the most fashionable district in the city, you'll feel right at home, even if you walk through the lobby in a pair of flipflops and a beach hat.

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