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Vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam  by: Kevin Hellon
Like many cities, Hanoi was built on the banks of river and in Hanoi’s case this is the extremely wide Red River, The old town is built on the west bank but the city has now spread eastwards..
Most Beautiful Sights To See in Singapore  by: Gokhan Ozbal
Singapore has always been among the best travel destinations which is admired by the tourists. It is an island nation located at the southernmost tip of the Malaysian Peninsula in South East Asia...
Bali Vacation: Discover A Breathtaking Panorama Of Jatiluwih  by: Made Dertha
Most people come to Bali to experience the marvelously rich culture heritage; some come for the beaches and the waves; some come for meeting and convention; others for pure relaxation. But if you..
Expat Living in Bangalore  by: John Parks
Bangalore, now known officially as Bangaluru, is hardly one of India 's greatest tourist destinations. The city has heavy pollution, crazy traffic, few sightseeing opportunities, and the rest of..
The Colorful Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Hotels  by: Steve Wong
Kuala Lumpur is the largest city and the capital of Malaysia. Besides for being the commercial center of the country, visitors will discover Kuala Lumpur a fascinating destination for shopping,..
How to Rent Villas in Bali, Indonesia  by: Charong Chow
Tourists flock to the island of Bali, on Western Indonesia. Influenced by Chinese and Indian culture, Bali was once a Dutch colony. During WWI, the island was occupied by the Japanese. Today, Bali..
Some Advice When Visiting Vietnam  by: Thinh Nguyen Phuc
Here are some advice for your travel in Vietnam, hoping these are helpful. You should check full information on Vietnam prior to your trip (It is best from your friends or relatives who ever visited..
Asia Travel - Good Airlines to travel on?  by:
I'm going to be traveling in through Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand) in April. Any advice on airlines to use or to stay away from? I'm thinking of booking a flight with China Southern Airlines from..
Hanoi - A Pride Of Vietnam Tourism  by: Jim.Olivera
Once stepping at Hanoi, visitors shall be attracted by the harmonious, romantic, old and profound beauty of Hanoi. With a unique beauty created for nearly thousand years of history, Hanoi is..
How to Find Cheap Hotels in Bhutan  by: Collaborator
Located between India and China, Bhutan is one of the most isolated countries due to its mountainous regions. Visiting Bhutan is not easy because tourism is regulated to protect the Himalayan..
Angkor Wat - South East Asia Crown Jewel  by: Fred Tittle
In the entire world, one of the most known ancient artifacts is the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat located in Cambodia in Siem Reap. This temple complex build over 4 centuries spans more than 40..
Re: Lang Co beache, Hue, Vietnam.  by: info
Post your resume on this site here: Good luck!
Tourist Pitfalls to Avoid in Malaysia  by: Paik-Leong Ewe
Some tourists commit a few mistakes during their vacation in Malaysia. The result is often unnecessary expenses or losses. The article is a distillation of the more common pitfalls to avoid so that..
How to Plan a Honeymoon to Tahiti  by: Susan Berg
Following the hustle and bustle--not to mention stress--of having to plan a wedding, nothing could be more rewarding than spending your honeymoon resting and relaxing on the white sands of a Tahitian..
The Road from Vung Tau to Saigon. Memories of Travelling in Vietnam  by: Christopher Rose
Chapter 1 I had to go into Saigon on private business. A number of Decca people had private business concerns which I may deal with later. I took PB along as interpreter. I hired a car and chauffeur...
A Shopping Marathon in Singapore  by: Naveen Marasinghe
Shopping in Singapore is almost second nature to tourists visiting the city, yet the consumer indulgence definitely climaxes during the Great Singapore Sale that is held annually, usually during the..
Festive Malaysia  by: Richard Greaves
Malaysia's rich blend of Chinese and Indian cultures along with the native Malay makes for a unique cornucopia of festivals all year round. One of the most exciting Malaysian festivals is Thaipusam,..
Foreign teacher teaching English (in Taiwan)  by: brandonhu
Indonesia - A Fascinating Culture of Tana Toraja  by: Fadil Aziz
A group of 80 people, male and female, stood holding hands and forming a large circle on a field. They sang mourning songs in a slow tempo as thousands of spectators looked on. Slowly, they leaned..
Puerto Galera, Philippines - Beauty Beyond Imagining!  by: Brett Jankowiak
It was not until I had been given my first San Miguel that I realised that this place was hot, humid and sticky. My first San Mig didn’t even touch the sides. I was back in Manila sitting at the..
Asia Offers Amazing Vacation Opportunities  by: Tom Sample
More and more people are tempted each year to go to an Asian beach resort. That's no wonder really. There are a handful of very appealing destinations in Asia, from the clear waters in Thailand to..
Sihanoukville Cambodia's Hidden Culinary Treasures from Thailand and Vietnam, Asia, Asian  by: Fred Tittle
Cambodia is located between two of the best cuisines in the world, Vietnam and Thailand. Both of these Asian cuisines use a lot of different fresh spices and herbs and feature fresh vegetables..