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Experience Macau  by: Sarah Miller
Macau, a city famous for its tourism for the past couple of years, is exerting effort to further improve the industry and become a tourist destination with something to offer to everyone. To advocate..
Travel In Vietnam - Remember To Bargain  by: Michael Russell
Vietnam is one of the hottest travel destinations in Asia. More and more tourists come to Vietnam every year because of its peace, friendliness and fast development. Tourists can enjoy visiting..
Kazakh And Uzbek: Languages Of Ancient Eurasian Civilizations  by: George Turkis
We may ask the question who would wish a Kazakh translation or an Uzbek translation service. Likely you'll be very shocked to listen to that both former Soviet Union States are doing economically..
Interesting Places in Taiwan  by: Laura Latzko
Taiwan a country in eastern Asia near China that is bordered by the Philippine Sea, South China Sea and the Taiwan Sea. The country is made up of mostly mountainous regions, but it also contains..
Measuring Everest  by: Jude Limburn Turner
How tall is Mt. Everest exactly? 8,844.43m [� 0.21m], according to the Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping. This is based upon the highest point of rock and ignores the snow and ice upon..
Journey To Bombay  by: Jim Muckle
The flight over the Arabian Sea from Saudi Arabia was akin to riding on the back of a panicked goose who was alone in the dead of night in a overpowering storm. When one looked out the windows you..
Best time to travel to Taiwan?  by:
I can't stand the hot weather, so what's the best time to travel there?
Philippines Travel: The Old World Charm of Ilocos  by: John Grant
In old times, Ilocandia has been described as a God-forsaken land because of its arid and difficult terrain. But the hardy people of this province had the patience and the will to survive, and..
Amplifying Singapore Tourism-an Important Factor of Nation’s Economy  by: Nancy Eben
All those who are planning for a holiday in Asia, Singapore form the main choice of millions of tourists. Sometimes the number of tourists even exceeds the number of people in the city. Excellent..
Re: Falling In Love With Singaporean Girls  by: shu_uemura
I agree with AngeT. As a fourth-generation Singaporean now doing my degree in the United States, I can confidently tell you that the Singaporeans who are studying or are on student exchange in the..
Re: Vietnam Visa Information  by: Do Tung
Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa, specifically as follows: * Not more than 30 days: for citizens of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos. * Not..
Cheap Bora Bora Vacations  by: Suzanna Hulmes
Bora Bora is a picturesque island situated in French Polynesia. Popular with wealthy honeymooners and celebrities, the Lonely Planet describes this destination as a "Cadillac of paradises." Although..
Re: Based in a beautiful region of North India  by: rofina
Hi hope all is fine there and i will like to to make friend with you,and you can contact me through my email addres thanks
Myanmar– Holidays And Festivals  by: Serena Zhu
Myanmar’s culture has been heavily influenced by Theravada Buddhism and by the culture of the indigenous ethnic groups, many of whom are ‘nat’ or spirit worshippers. Most holidays..
Discover Ipoh - Food, Limestone Caves, Hotels in Ipoh Malaysia  by: Steve Wong
If you take a full-circle panoramic view of Ipoh Malaysia, you will notice that the city is surrounded by limestone hill range at all angles. This unique natural landmark of Ipoh has made her well..
Cost of living in jakarta?  by:
Hi I am going to jakarta for 1 year..Anyone.Please tell me how will be the living style there.....And What is the average monthly cost of living in jakarta for a foreigner..
A Shopping Marathon in Singapore  by: Naveen Marasinghe
Shopping in Singapore is almost second nature to tourists visiting the city, yet the consumer indulgence definitely climaxes during the Great Singapore Sale that is held annually, usually during the..
Keeping Safe in Asia  by: Jonathan Pepperell
ASIA, LAND OF DIVERSITY Asia is a beautiful and diverse place, from rain forests, rice fields, and cultural landmarks, to bustling cities, gridlock motor bike traffic, and relentless marketeers. But..
Cost of living in KL (Kulalampur)?  by:
Question Details:i would like to know the cost of living in KL for a bachelor..i have got an offer as an ayurvedic doctor..but the company has not mentioned salary or anything else..they have left it..
Dining in Singapore  by: Alyssa Davis
Singapore has a lot to offer to the person who is interest in great food. Not only does it feature numerous restaurants, but it's also a city that seems to have activity around-the-clock. There's..
Cambodia - Holidays And Festivals  by: Serena Zhu
Cambodia's Cambodia's most important holiday is the Khmer New Year which is calculated by the Buddhist lunar calendar but takes place in April by the western calendar. The holiday officially lasts..