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WHAT is the Cheapest Country in Asia?  by:
In terms of cost of living..what is the cheapest and most relaxed Country to live in Asia, I am sure it is not Japan & China.. and why?
How to Visit Vientiane, Laos  by: Edwin Thomas
Sleepy, beautiful, laid-back Laos is becoming an ever-more popular tourist destination on the Southeast Asian backpacking tour. One of the two main starting points is the city of Vientiane, the..
Bali Vacations  by: Eddie Tobey
If you are suffering from stress and looking forward to a wonderful time away from work with your family, then perhaps Bali is the vacation spot that you are looking for. Recovering from the major..
Vietnam Cheap Air Ticket,vietnam Domestic Flights  by: Vietnam Flight
Vietnam Airline (airline in Vietnam) is recommended as the first choice for all domestic flights within Vietnam. Currently, with operation of fleet of 49 aircraft including Boeing 777-200, Airbus..
How to Find Guam's Best Tourist Spots  by: Isabel Prontes
Guam is a beautiful western Pacific island that is the territory of the United States. The largest of the Mariana Islands, Guam is an extremely popular destination for tourists (especially from Asian..
How to Tour Cambodia & Laos  by: Nicole Schmoll
Cambodia and Laos are located southeast of Vietnam and just west of Myanmar and Thailand. Cambodia is home to miles of tropical rainforest and many rivers. The ruins of Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh,..
The Emerald Buddha  by: Ryan Fyfe
The Emerald Buddha is a figurine of a sitting Budha, that is the is the palladium of the Kingdom of Thailand. The Buddha is made of green jade, suprisingly not of emerald, clothed in gold is..
Re: Vietnam Visa Information  by: Annliz
Procedure of getting a Vietnam visa at the airport If you go by air, the easiest and most simple way is to apply for visa on arrival (visa to be picked up at the arrival airport in Vietnam)! What you..
Halloween In Asia  by: Jennifer Franco
Halloween is one of the oldest holidays celebrated by people from different countries all over the world. In most western countries like US and Canada, carved pumpkins and corn stalks sprawled all..
Cambodia - Visiting and Touring  by: Sebastian Harley
Cambodia is best described as having a bad string of luck except their luck has been at work for almost a half-millennium. The country is still poor with many of its citizens living on less than $1US..
How to Tour Cambodia & Laos  by: Nicole Schmoll
Cambodia and Laos are located southeast of Vietnam and just west of Myanmar and Thailand. Cambodia is home to miles of tropical rainforest and many rivers. The ruins of Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh,..
How to Travel Cheap to Tahiti  by: Wesley Davis
French Polynesia is one of the most isolated collection of islands on the planet. According to, French Polynesia is also one of the most expensive countries in the world, making it..
Vietnam Markets  by: Thinh Nguyen Phuc
It is difficult to express a full feeling when visiting markets in different regions in Vietnam especially in rural areas. Almost people are poor and goods sold at the markets illustrate that..
Working in Singapore and cost of living?  by:
I have got 1 opportunity to work at BARCLAYS, Singapore through a Consualtancy firm. I will be on the rolls of that I.T consultancy firm and working at Barclays. They will pay me 7K + medical. If I..
Discovering Laos  by: LaoOnline
Resources: Flights To Kathmandu  by: Jennifer and are also good for comparison of ticket prices.
Experiencing Everest Base Camp  by: Thom Sanders
Is it ever a good idea to take your family on an Everest Base Camp trek? I realised this possibly wasn't the best time to ask, as we boarded the flight to Nepal, armed with our backpacks, trekking..
KLIA to Kuala Lumpur Railway System  by: Ronan Menton
The railway system in Kuala Lumpur is state of the art to put it mildly. The railway system joins the airport to the city center while also having a mono rail and a raised railway to service other..
Enter Bangkok - blog (updated continuously)  by: Living in Thailand
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Train Traveling in Indonesia  by: Anthon Jackson
Indonesia is an archipelago nation with thousands of islands, only two of which have reliable rail service. Even at that, "reliable" might be a stretch for Sumatra. Java on the other other hand is..
Visiting the Underworld in Malaysia!  by: Fred Tittle
There is heavy breathing as the new guys try to get a handle on all the new sensations that are engulfing them as they fall through into a new dimension. When they get there they are surrounded by..
Re: Travel Safety In Asia  by: Mike
Forget I have had the worst experience with them. Try [url=][/url] for cheap travel around the world they have english speaking tour..
Philippines Travel: Gentle Giants of Donsol, Sorsogon  by: John Grant
Donsol used to be sleepy coastal town in Sorsogon—a province in the southernmost tip of Luzon. Nobody knows Donsol except for, of course, its local inhabitants until a few years ago when tourists..
What are the car rental rates in Taiwan? I will spend 21 days visiting there.?  by:
Where can I go to get the cheapest rates for car rentals? I'm quite proficient in the chinese language so I'd figure I'll be adventurous and tour the entire state myself.
What More to Look for Better Than Singapore Travel?  by: Nancy Eben
Singapore, an island nation in Asia, is one of the main tourists’ destinations in the world. Deluge of tourists can be seen every year in order to explore the numerous facet and..
Cheap Vacation & Tour Tips of Singapore  by: Lindsy Hill
Cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word, that's how many describe Singapore as. And, why not? With an ambience that's vibrant and dynamic and a metropolis character, the small island nation gets..
Top Attractions in Singapore  by: Kum Martin
While Singapore is considered to be a commercial hub in Asia, it is also a great place to spend your vacation. The amazing architecture, the innumerous skyscrapers, delightful shopping places, great..
Top Beaches in Asia  by: Dan Blacharski
Asian beaches have a much different character than anything in the Western world. The sand is clean and the water warm, ocean life is abundant for the exploring, and there are plenty of opportunities..
The Road from Saigon Memories of Travelling in Vietnam  by: Christopher Rose
I forget why I was in Saigon. I imagine it was to see some girl I'd met before I was posted to Baria. I must have stayed overnight and had to get back that evening to be ready for duty the next day...
Cambodia - Strengths and Weaknesses  by: Sebastian Harley
Cambodia hasn't been the hotbed of activity like its neighbors have for almost a half-millennium. Realizing its weakness and working to become a bigger tourist destination to help pull its citizens..