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Tet's holiday in Vietnam
By:Thinh Nguyen Phuc

Like Vietnamese students, Foreign students studying in Vietnam are also eager and look forward to Vietnam traditional Tet's holidays. On this occasion, they follow Vietnamese friends to enjoy the tet, visit friends, Vietnam families and go to pagoda.

Many foreign students from different countries taking different courses at different universities in Hanoi have been positively contributing to the diversity of colorful tradition Tet in Vietnam.

Sien Leva, a Canadian student who is taking a Vietnamese course at a Hanoi university of Social Science and Humans said:" Last Tet's holiday, I followed some Chinese students to pagoda and did not come back the dormitory until the next morning. Too tired and wet but everyone felt very happy for we joined with Vietnamese people to welcome new year Tets, this is very strange and special even I do not have the same feeling like Vietnamese people".

Some students from Russia and Poland shared: " The spring in Hanoi is very beautiful and very very friendly. It is very cold but I see the happiness on face of everyone. I did not have this feeling until I have two years living in this city, I have many Vietnamese friends and ever visited many families but the occasion is very special, I have no same feeling before".

Living in Vietnam for some years and taking a master course at Hanoi National university, Alan Smith, a French student said: "This is the third year I have lived in Hanoi and I can not forget my first Tet here. In fact, I fell in love with a Vietnamese girl but do not know how to say and express my feeling. I still keep 5 hundred dong note as her gift for Tet holiday. My mother said that I should keep this note for it will bring luck to me".

Tet occasion in Hanoi is often very cold but it can not prevent foreign students from pouring into streets and crowds to enjoy Tet's holiday with friends and Vietnamese people. Tet brings not only happiness to people but also contributes to bridging culture between nations.

By Nguyen Phuc Thinh


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