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Re: Questions to ask when looking for a Martial Arts School
By:Master W

> 6. What type of screening process do they have? Can just anybody
> train? Remember, you will be learning a martial art, and in the
> course of things, someone will be punching and kicking at you. It's
> nice to know that the instructor screened his students (All my
> students go through an ongoing screening process, starting with the
> very first interview and first lesson).

***SCREENING??? This sounds more like a secret club than a school. Everyone needs to learn to defend themselves. Martial arts schools have also been a place for people to learn not only to improve their defense skills, but also their own being. Yes, some people won't work out, and will quit, but they deserve the right to try the classes and see if they can become a welcome part of the school.

I Respectfully Disagree with your Opinion on this one. I believe Screening can serve two good purposes.
1. They determine the most serious and dedicated students.
2. Can Make Sure The Students are participating for the right reasons such as: Self Defense, Personal improvement, spiritual insight, etc... Many students join for example MMA, UFC fighters just to go into a octagon and fight. Screening for those types of folks can be beneficial to the Instructor.
Also Having a Martial Arts Club instead of a School isn't against the law. In fact a number of martial art instructors are now turning back into private clubs. Mainly due to the high volume of MMA and UFC fighters coming in to learn how to fight-just for competition purposes.
Screening can serve alot of beneficial purposes: Yes they can be taken as a secret club or "keeping something a secret" and may they are. Point is Dont judge a book by it's cover unless you take the time to read.
I use them myself and have never had any problems with Screening Out New Students. In fact I found it financially better in the long run for my business, because I've retained a great majority of my students through a 5 year period or more.

But this is just my opinion.

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