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Thailand - Bangkok
School:Wells International School <wells85@wells-school.com>


In the modern, increasingly interdependent and complex world an international education is an absolute necessity - a balanced education, teaching not only to the mind, but also to the heart. It is vital to begin such an international experience from early childhood.

At Wells International School and Kindergarten, we understand the importance of such a learning experience.

We believe that, while each child is unique, there are qualities that each will need in order to join global society. All students need to learn respect for themselves as well as others; attain open-mindedness and tolerance; and acquire the ability to take responsibility for their actions.

We try to promote such qualities by providing a truly international education, helping each child attain a multi-cultural perspective while encouraging each to appreciate his or her own unique cultural background.

Constantly striving for academic excellence, we encourage students to become life-long learners by helping them develop necessary attitudes and skills, ensuring their success in the global international community of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wells International School is to deliver a quality, college preparatory education to a diverse, international group of students in a nurturing environment of creativity and discovery, which inspires a passion for learning, fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity, and teaches responsible, global citizenship through a collaboration between the home and school community.


The vision of Wells International School is to be globally recognized for its supportive and innovative educational programs that empower each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

Education for Life

Wells International School aims to provide quality education and foster character development in a caring community.

The philosophy of Wells is directly linked to the desired attributes and traits needed throughout childhood in order to progress successfully in life.

We capitalize on the uniqueness of each child encouraging them to be communicators and thinkers, principled, determined, well-balanced, caring, open-minded and knowledgeable.

When combined, these attributes create a wholesome profile of an international minded student.


We have adopted the California Curriculum Framework as the basic structure for learning and teaching throughout all stages of schooling. The Curriculum Framework allows for different interpretations of contents and flexible use of different learning strategies and styles to suit individual needs.

We can ensure that the school curriculum is in line with the goals and learning aims at each stage of schooling. we hope students will be able to:

- To recognize their roles and responsibilities as members of the family, society and show concern for their well-being.
- To develop innovative models of good practice in creative/communicative approaches to the teaching and learning of English, including the production of curriculum materials.
- To develop creative thinking and master independent learning skills.
- To engage in discussion actively and confidently in English;develop a habit of reading independently.
- To possess a breadth and foundation of knowledge in the learning areas; lead a healthy lifestyle, and develop an interest in and appreciation of aesthetic and physical activities.

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