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Indonesia - Thirty-tree major cities (65 schools)
School:EF English First Indonesia <wendraso@ef.com>

Learn English from Certified Native Teachers without Leaving Indonesia

-- Indonesian Version --

Kursus Bahasa Inggris EF English First

EF English First merupakan sekolah bahasa terbesar di dunia dan Indonesia dengan pengalaman lebih dari 40 tahun dan lebih dari 65 sekolah di 33 kota di Indonesia. EF English First menawarkan program kursus bahasa Inggris untuk anak-anak, remaja dan dewasa; serta pelatihan bahasa Inggris untuk perusahaan.

Sejumlah program kursus bahasa Inggris yang ditawarkan EF English First untuk publik antara lain adalah program kursus bahasa Inggris umum, bahasa Inggris bisnis, persiapan ujian bahasa Inggris internasional dan kelas percakapan.

Sedangnya untuk perusahaan, tersedia berbagai program pelatihan bahasa Inggris berikut: bahasa Inggris bisnis, bahasa Inggris umum, bahasa Inggris untuk karir atau pekerjaan tertentu dan program pelatihan bahasa Inggris rancangan khusus.

Kurikulum kursus kami tidak hanya mencakup pelajaran rutin di dalam kelas, tetapi juga didukung oleh penggunaan lab bahasa Inggris inovatif iLAB. Sebagai tambahan, para siswa dapat mengikuti kegiatan seru Life Club yang diadakan untuk membuat para siswa tetap belajar bahasa Inggris meskipun berada di luar kelas

Kunjungi situs Belajar Bahasa Inggris EF English First untuk mencoba kelas gratis dan memperoleh tips belajar bahasa Inggris secara percuma.

-- English Version --

EF English First English Training Provider

EF English First is the largest English school in the world and Indonesia with more than 40 years of experience in language training. EF English First has now had more than 65 schools in 33 major cities all over Indonesia. Most of our schools are conveniently situated in the downtown areas where students can experience the buzz and are equipped with modern and comfortable interior.

EF English First offers a complete range of English courses for all age groups - from kids, teens to adults - at all levels. Courses include General English, English for Young Learners, Business English, Conversation Club as well as International Exams Preparation Course.

In spite of those, EF English First also offers on or off-site Corporate Language Training to accommodate specific needs of corporate clients. Our Corporate Language Training consists of four different programs from which clients could choose - namely General English, Business English, Job-specific English and Customized English Training Package.

Our curriculum does not only include native teachers-led classes, but is also enhanced by on-line tutorials at our innovative language labs (iLAB). In addition, students can also join our fun-driven Life Club activities - such as coffee clubs, conversation corners, dinners and parties - which are held regularly to facilitate our students to learn English outside the classrooms.

All the courses we offer make use of our own learning materials (both text-based and computer-based) which were exclusively designed by EF English First's dedicated Academic Research and Development Team based in Cambridge Massachusetts. Our text book series have won numerous awards, including being selected by the BBC as a basis for their Radio English series.

Visit our site for free class trial and free study tips ebook.

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