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Texas ISD School Guide

English schools in Asia

Taiwan - Taipei, Keelung, Hualien/Taitung, Hsin Chu/Chu Bei, Tao Yuan/Chung Li, Taichung
School:Hess Educational Organization

Education programs:

Hess International Kindergarten
In Hess Kindergartens, our philosophy is to educate the "whole child"; all facets of children's cognitive, emotional and physical abilities are nurtured. We have a Bilingual Program and an All Day English Program. The Bilingual Program instructs children in English language in the morning and Chinese in the afternoon. All Day English has the same developmental goals as the Bilingual Program, but with English as the main language of instruction.

Our philosophy is to educate the whole child.

Hess Young Scholar's English School
Hess Young Scholar's English School has a range of excellent classes to suit every child's background and age. The Tree House and Club House programs cater specifically for the growing number of students who have an English kindergarten background. Taught solely by native speaking teachers, language is reinforced in a natural immersion style setting where the classes are based on those in an English speaking country.

There is a host of extra-curricular activities that allow students to discover English in more varied and creative settings.

Jump, Kids Club, Step Ahead and Honors English language classes take students with little or no English ability and turn them into confident second language speakers. Young Scholar's also provides a host of extra-curricular activities that allow students to discover English in more varied and creative settings. These include the Hess English Reading Club, English Drama Club, Annual National Youth Speech and Writing Competition, Show and Tell Competition, Summer Camp and Overseas Study Adventures.

Hess Junior High English School
Our Junior High English Schools assist Junior High students with their public schoolwork and public school exams. We have developed a new program, which puts more emphasis on English language development, in addition to Science, Math and other subjects, to help our students gain a head start in their competitive compulsory Senior High School Entrance Examinations.

Hess International Studies Institute
Hess International Studies Institute (ISI) provides classes for adults to learn English, French and Japanese. ISI also works with many leading local and multinational businesses including Mercedes Benz, EMI Records, Fubon Bank, and others to provide their Taiwanese staff with "English for Specific Purposes" classes.

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