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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

English schools in Asia

Philippines - Subic
School:William Yi <leemin0706@hotmail.com>

Subic was the site of the largest overseas military navy station for the United States for almost a century. Naturally people who were previously employed by the US Navy tend to possess a high degree of proficiency in English as such.

For 94 years, this former pride of the U.S. Navy, with its long status as the largest naval installation outside the United States is now a recreational, entertainment and food wonderland.

In addition, Subic maintains one of the strictest police and traffic safety programs in the entire country; as a result, Subic enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in all the Philippines.

EDT is located less than 1 hour distance from Subic & Clark international airports. It is very easy to travel to every part of the Philippines by air.

HR office, accounting office, Library, multi-media room, a lounge, cafeteria, supermarket and so on

Security guards, Cleaning & laundry services, maintenance service, wireless internet etc.

= > The most number of 1:1 class hours in the Philippines (at least 5 hours up to 8 hours a day ) is being provided.
= > More than 12 hours of study a day (Including evening classes) is guaranteed.
= > well-trained and widely experienced teachers
= > Tight management for students’ study (They are being taken cared of for 24 hours).
= > Newly built school and dormitory building (Sep 2011) – It provides clean environments for study and there is no insects or bugs at all.
= > Variety of courses, programs, subjects, classes and teachers
= > Study & fun at the same time through various activities
= > The location of the school is near the international airports (Subic and Clark) and perfect for intensive study.

We focus on giving Confidence to our students in interesting and various ways of study and activities. They have chances to do Public speaking and presentations and so on. Low level students are given easier topics to discuss.

We focus on not only speaking but also Communication. It is defined as the students’ ability to put across their message both in written and oral skills with proper Vocabulary and Grammar usage. It also includes the students’ ability to comprehend in conversations they engage themselves in. The comprehension is more important for them like they have to feel that they are in the conversation with others.

We have English Only Policy – Students are encouraged to speak and use English language only during school time. It includes the writing of excuse letters, letter of request, complaints and so on. These letters are corrected and a copy is handed back to them.

We give Motivations and Inspirations for study. After healthy competitive exams, those who improved are given rewards like a book, a certificate and so on.

Learning is not limited as inside the school – We provide lots of Activities. Students learn many things which are hard to get from the classes through them.

"Buddy" as the word suggests is a friend, a companion or a partner. Buddy Teachers in the school have 3 different functions.

1. They are friends of the students. As someone is away from home, he/she feel sad, lonely and alone. Homesickness may perturb the learning atmosphere. Buddy teachers keep the students from feeling anxious by being there for them.

2. They are Counsellors. Studying English may not always be trouble-free. There will be times when the students are having a hard time coping up with lessons, trouble finding the best learning style for them and times when they lose direction. The Buddy teachers advise them on what to do, bring them back to the mood of learning and help them regain their passion. In this case, the buddies say not only positive things, scolding the students like a mother is done when necessary so long as it is not very offensive to the learners.

3. They are “guides”. Students would love to explore the new environment they are in. However, it is not always safe to let them do it by themselves. The buddy teachers assist them in finding a safe place to enjoy their holidays.

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