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India - Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu (South India)
School:American University of India (AUI) <info@auiedu.com>

Sub: Volunteer programs, Teaching opportunities, Student Exchange programs, Study tours, Summer Internship – India (American University of India)

American University of India (AUI) is an Eco-friendly B School in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, South India (popularly known as Switzerland of the East), offering full time residential Management programs in partnership with Bradley University (Foster College of Business Administration) in Illinois, USA. American University of India (AUI) has world class infrastructure, state of the art technology & par excellent faculty / resources (Western & Indian).

American University of India (AUI) offers Teaching experiences /Student Exchange programs / Short term study tours / Joint Research initiatives / Dual Degree programs / Internship with credit transfer / Summer Internship / Project Fieldwork / Eco Travel / & Volunteer programs.

Students & Teachers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Indian language, culture, and lifestyle which helps in appreciating the importance of multicultural diversity, fostering greater world peace, understanding and gaining a new perspective & meeting new people.

This is a perfect way to view the world in a new light, to gain a new life changing experience, to increase knowledge, and gain valuable skill-sets.
You will also be able to enjoy an outbound trimester / semester program without sacrificing the same benefits of a full year program.

Opportunities are available for college educated individuals as faculty / teachers in American University of India.

Arrangements include food, stay & local transportation. Outbound Training & Development activities & interactive classroom sessions / role plays, simulation etc. will also be a part of the program.

American University of India (AUI) is located on a sprawling campus situated in Kodai hill station whose name conjures images of dense slopes, scenic hinterland, cascading waterfalls, luscious green plains and valleys, wooded hills, and pleasant climate.

Kodai climate is very pleasant with maximum summer temperatures reaching 20°Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) and the minimum in winter touching about 8 °Celsius (46° Fahrenheit). Kodai hill station in India is popularly known as Switzerland of the East.

Please fill in the Application Form available in the Admissions page of our website www.auiedu.com or email info@auiedu.com

American University of India (AUI)
Kodaikanal, India

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