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The Truth Behind an Average College Student
By:Pavel Gurnik

Attending College is an adventurous and exciting experience that shouldn't be diminished or desolated by any factor. Unfortunately college is not as fun as it sounds. College is a place where friends go to chat and learn, where students can relate to friends by interests and careers. On the other hand, College life distracts students from their personal lives. Families, housework, and birthday parties tend to get in the way of college success. Instead, homework and studying time becomes the first priority. College life overtakes a student's ability to balance social, emotional, and physical well being. For decades students have become "pressure cookers".

It is a constant struggle between college life and personal life for four years. A study was conducted among two thousand students nationwide, testing the average stress levels. According to the survey, eighty percent of college students go through high levels of stress on a daily basis. In that survey it showed that at least ten percent were actually thinking of committing suicide. As stress accumulates, college students become less reliant on eating and sleeping habits, and ultimately loose motivation over irresponsibility. This happens simultaneously when there is unbalance between college life and personal life.

The unbalanced life starts with accumulation of stress. Stress is defined as importance, significance, and emphasis on some part. Well, college students attempt to balance life to perfection. However, there comes a point where personal life collapses and the student is unable to cope with college and family in contemporary times. This collapse is similar to losing yourself due to instability to think and comprehend. When there is no collapse, students desire to attain higher grades. Collapses are sometimes due to bad eating disorders and an unbalanced intake of food. The highest level where college students suffer eating disorders is right before big exams or tests. Students can relate because they themselves have experienced high tension levels before any exams. This tension usually comes from unpreparedness or lack of studying.

Nevertheless, in reality students are willing to pull "all nighters" to study all of the material in a period of eight hours or less. Females are mostly affected and have a fifty percent chance to hold on to anorexia or bulimia. Neither should be considered in reality. Males are affected less because they can make up the time regardless of family, or work. There are some students who cut back on social interactions and start drugs or alcohol. If eating disorders don't take place in a college student's life, then there are certainly sleep disorders.

Caffeine plays in important part of a student's life. It is a stimulant that increases a person's perception and understanding for a small period of time. Coffee is not the only stimulant that college students use; there are some surprising alternatives. Students who lack credentials or are sleep deprived use these alternative methods. These are energy drinks. Energy drinks are favorable among college students because they keep them up for four or more hours depending on how many intakes of energy drink. Rockstar, Red Bull, Amp, Bawls, and Wired are popular brand names for energy drinks. These energy drinks contain massive amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. Mixing these drinks with alcohol will create devastating effects.

When energy drinks are mixed with alcohol, a person becomes fully awake but can act foolish at any given minute. They could also fall asleep in less than ten seconds. The person can sleep up to twenty four hours in a result of mixing energy drinks and vodka. Also, when mixing with vodka individuals can get hallucinations and become or stay aroused inevitably for a long time. When students do wrongful acts such as daily eating disorders, anorexia, or bulimia they will become gradually depressed and loose motivation.

Now parents will disagree with most of my statements because they don't believe their children or students act wrongfully. I strongly believe that parents have been mislead in today's college life. My assumption is that parents still think about the past and apply it to this modern time. Even if parents thought about the past, they should still care enough for their child to become successful in college. Parents have raised their child to give them an opportunity to life. Not to push them off the cliff and say, "go live your own life, you're old enough.", no this is completely incompetent on the parents side. Instead, parents need to be like supportive counselors to their children. If parents are incompetent in teaching their children from what's right and wrong, then their children will grow up to be unfit and retarded for the world of tomorrow.

Teachers and instructors also need to realize the pressure on college students these days. Instructors will argue that students are not paying attention in class as much as needed. Well, instructors need to set the stage for an exciting and adventurous class. Instead, some instructors refuse to change their teaching style and thus pressure more stress into college students. The complex and confusing instructors who turn up the stress pressure purposefully, just for their own pleasure need to be literally punched in the face. Sometimes students just want peace and quiet for a single minute.

As a result of eating and sleeping disorders students can actually become exponentially depressed. Depression hits hard and can impact the students' future life. Acts of suicide are among twenty percent of college students who attend nationwide. Eighty percent suffer from high amounts of stress daily. For this stress to go away, teachers and students need to contribute together. Students need to find time to incorporate personal life with college life without disturbing sleep or eating levels. Organization should come first and a schedule on a daily basis. On the other side, instructors need to help students learn the material easier and more efficiently. Teachers must deliver their daily classes with ease and joyfulness. Students should become wiser by working more productively in teams. They should also understand what life really represents in reality behind the so called "college life."

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