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Choosing A Preschool Curriculum
By:Eke Mona

There are several major preschool curricula on offer. With a growth in demand for high quality education, even at a young age, preschool programs are evolving to offer comprehensive teaching standards that stem from research or academic research. This guide will provide you with a few preschool curriculum choices:

International Preschool Curriculum (IPC)
According to Wikipedia, The International Preschool Curriculum is devised by early childhood academics with early childhood curricula drafting experience. It is further peer reviewed and updated quarterly to reinforce a rigorous and outcome based standard of early learning. There is an advisory committee of professionals that together produce a curriculum that is rapidly being introduced by schools around the world. Based in the USA, the IPC is a world leader in bringing early childhood experts together to produce one of the most outstanding programs on offer.

As a an inquiry based learning system that offers students the freedom to dictate the style, pace and theme of learning. According to reviews of the Montessori method, schools are often criticized for not identifying learning difficulties or causing confusion amongst students. The Montessori has nonetheless been praised by thousands of parents worldwide and as a belief with no one official organization, the Montessori method is open to countless interpretations and representations.

Home Based Curricula
There are various home based organizations with varying levels of experience and professionalism. Some programs are designed by early childhood experts while others are prepared on Word documents by stay at home parents. Choosing the right home based curriculum may be difficult, but several recommended programs include those owned and operated by reputable organizations or those with drafters who are experienced or more importantly, qualified.

Faith Based Programs
If you are eager for your child to experience a faith based education from a young age, there are numerous Christian, Hebrew and other major religious educational materials on offer. Faith based preschools often adopt or customize their own curriculum and the level of faith based instruction varies. Some faith based organizations offer the International Preschool Curriculum or Montessori and adapt it to suit their needs.

Other Programs To Consider
Other professional curricula on offer include Horizons, Mother Goose, Scholastic, International Baccalaureate (PYP), The School Reediness Program and The Waldorf Approach. The HighScope program is also popular with early childhood centers.

Questions To Ask Providers
When considering a preschool curriculum, its necessary to ask as many pertinent questions before placing an order. You will want to ensure that the program is well researched and thoroughly reviewed by qualified individuals. If you operate a center, remember that parents will want to know what curriculum is being introduced so ask for a parents information pack. Most providers will be happy to share free samples and this is also a good way to ensure that you make the right decision.

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