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Tutoring Rates As an Employment For Retired Teachers
By:Jurinsthea Smith

Employment for retired teachers is one hot topic nowadays. Considering that every year, hundreds of old mentors tend to leave school because it is but right for them to retire. However, retirement for some is a dead end. It is in this phase where they will not do anything and simply wait at home idling for some things. After all, this is something they are not used to.

In spite of this all, there is still hope for our retired teachers. In fact even if they can't longer work as a teacher in an educational institution they can always resort to other simple jobs. A good example of this one is tutoring. Tutoring is one simple career that can be done by our old mentors. This is in fact suitable and appropriate for them since it is also teaching by nature. However, their predicament comes as to how much should they charge for one tutoring session. If ever you are wondering precisely how, here are some guidelines that can help coin your rate decision.

Guide 1: Your credentials. The very first thing you need to ask in line with the possible tutoring rate would be your credentials. As much as possible this actually dictates how much you should charge. Take for instance, your possible salary in every academe would be dependent on the educational attainment gained, seminars attended and awards and recognitions. As such, if you hold a doctorate degree in that subject matter your tutoring rate would be higher than those retired mentors who just finished a college degree.

Guide 2: The cost of living. Another important item that must be considered towards the dictation of your tutoring rate would be the cost of living in the community you are in. In fact, you can't charge a higher amount if the community you are in consists of average families and individuals. However, if you are living in an exclusive high end community then you can surely price your rate into something way higher than the usual one. It is also in here you can dictate whether it would be a per hour rate, per session or per month.

Guide 3: The subject matter. The last possible guide to outline your tutoring rate would be the difficulty of the subject you are teaching. If it is just mere elementary subjects like plain number addition and division, then you can charge it low. However, if the subject to be discussed and tackled will involve statistics in the graduate level, then you must charge it higher than the usual rate. Another thing to note in here would be the level of the student. If you are tutoring college pupils, then the obvious charge would really be high compared to elementary ones.

These are just but a few guidelines that can aid you with how much you should charge your tutoring session. As much as possible consider these areas so you can come up with a better price in line with your knowledge but not too expensive. Tutoring as an employment for retired teachers is really fruitful and rewarding.

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