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Ten Tips to Be a Better Teacher
By:Cashmere Lashkari

There is always a good teacher behind a good class performance. The trainer has the responsibility to make the class and subject interesting to the students. The fact that you hate Math or love English probably has to do with the fact that in primary school you had a great English teacher and a lousy Math teacher. These childhood stereotypes are rather difficult to overcome as an adult. So the teacher who is handling primary classes makes a subject likable or not for her students for the rest of their lives.

After the students reach high school and college levels, their own interests will dictate what they appreciate. It is rare but not unusual for a child to like a subject where the teacher is not good. Yet it is very common for a good teacher to pass on the liking of her subject to the full class. And if you are that trainer here are a few common mistakes that you must avoid in training. This will enable the full class to perform better and for your own reputation as a teacher to grow.

1. Coming Unprepared - This is a cardinal sin for a teacher. You need to have your entire material ready when you go to take a class.

2. Giving inadequate material - You cannot give them half the content and expect them to hunt for the rest. You need to give them adequate content for learning purposes.

3. Information Overload - While giving fresh examples and perspectives is good, too much information can make the lesson hard to digest. Make sure you keep it simple to understand.

4. Inadequate Practice - When teaching new concepts it is vital that the students get enough practice on them. The theory will only take them so far, the practice is vital for the learning process to be completed.

5. Mishandling the group - If you don't have the measure of the group they will soon get bored. You need to pitch material to them at their level. Over or under doing it is not going to help them learn. It will give them no satisfaction and no knowledge.

6. Handling questions badly - While I agree that it is difficult to get into your flow when too many questions come your way, you need to handle them with grace and equanimity. If the students get the feeling that they can not ask you questions your classes will become very one sided and boring.

7. Inappropriate humor - Yes it might make you feel good to give back some sarcasm but it will not help your teaching cause. The classroom is not the place to take offensive or inappropriate humor.

8. Not being Punctual - If you expect your class to be seated and in place as soon as the bell goes, you better be there in time as well. Don't keep them waiting for inordinately long periods of time before beginning the training. Also don't carry on into overtime once the bell rings to end the class. They do have other things to do.

9. Inappropriate Body Language - You should not over or under dress for the class. Make sure that you maintain eye contact with the maximum number of students seated. Don't keep turning your back to the class as well. A student likes a teacher who is conversational and not one who is monotonous.

10. Your Lack of Enthusiasm - will damper their spirits as well. If you are enjoying what you are teaching the enthusiasm will flow to them as well. So stay interested in what you are doing.

Avoid these basic bloopers and you will do just fine.

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