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Texas ISD School Guide

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By:Harekrushna Behera - Teacher in Social Science

Now-a- days it is heard that the class teacher faces so many problems & denies to take the load of class teacher ship which as he/she accept it a job of burden. Is it really the work of hardship? If the class teacher really plan nicely & use the human resource of his/her class then the class teacher's work may be interesting & enjoyable. Here are some tips to be a creative & innovative class teacher & make the class a different one.


The greatest motivator in the class is the class teacher. If the class teacher is really the motivator, then time-to-time the children are corrected & the children accept the class teacher as their icon. Some times they say with enthusiasm ‘our class teacher'. The class teacher is an example of purity, simplicity & gentleness. In today's busy world the parents cannot give much time to their children. That's why the children always wait for guidance from some one who is very loving & understand them. That makes the relationship of the class teacher & children.


The greatest relationship in this world is friendship. The most important & secret thing one can express to his friend only & no others. Some times a class teacher plays the role of a friend & some times a guide. The words to the heart of a child continue for a long time. The class teacher should open his/her heart to the students & mix as a friend to know the actual difficulties & development of a child. Every thing is spoiled if the child starts fearing to his class teacher. Fear is the cause of all further mistakes & inexpressible situation of a child. The door of child's self development is closed if the fear enters into the mind of a child. The class teacher can be a better counselor to a child to change the activities of him/her.


Punishment creates fear where as inspiration instill self-confidence. Punishment can work for the moment but inspiration works for all time. Due to the fear of punishment the child takes the help of falsehood. He starts hiding everything. He doesn't express the actual thing. A class teacher is required to inspire the children while teaching the topic. He must understand the varied difficulties of a child & inspire him to develop his soul. The soul of a child always rejects the punishment & welcomes the inspiration to him. The best class teacher always tries to understand the problem of the child & inspire him.


Conducting Class election twice a year solves all the tensions of a class teacher. Some class teachers are heard to complain about the tensions & difficulties to deal with finance, display board, home work update etc. It's my suggestion to go for election to elect for the posts such as the president, prime minister, Education minister, Finance minister, editor, recorder etc. President & prime minister are responsible for the over all work of the class. Education minister will check the homework & class work done by the students & give report to the class teacher. Finance minister will collect the money regarding anything & report to the class teacher. The editor of the class will develop the class magazine & the display board. Recorder will record the day -to -day achievement of the class. This is called the participation of the children in the administration of the class & decentralization of the class administration.


To build his class a different class from all he can show the achievement in inspiring the children to write articles & poems for the publication in various children's magazine. The class teacher can make the children understand about the value of writing in present day society. He may inspire the child & the whole class by reading a poem or an article of a child. Once any one article is published means the children can take more interests in creating the innovative writings. In this way the class teacher can produce some young poets & writers. Similarly the paintings of the children can be sent to the newspapers & magazine.


An innovative class teacher can create class magazine in his class at least twice a year. It's very simple to start the process of hand written class magazine. Chose editor & sub-editor of your class. Inspire the whole class to build the class different from others. Tell each student to write/draw his or her own poem/article/paintings etc in A4 size paper. Suppose the class has 30 children then the editor can collect writings from each student & make it 30 pages. Guide your editor to give the finishing touch in the cover page by taking the help from the Art teacher of your school. Thus the class magazine will be ready within a month. You can collect the photos of the achievers of your class for ex; the highest % holder in attendance, exam or any achievement in sports & create an achievers page.


Watch news in television/news paper & update the news to the children time to time, which is good for your self-improvement & also to make your class a different one. This updating news method will create a faith of intelligence within your children. You can ask questions related to news before the teaching or during teaching if you are a social science teacher. This will improve the IQ level of your students.


Class Display Board is the mirror of the class. If any one is visiting to your class, he first focuses to the display board of the class. The display board of the class shows the discipline & creativity of the class. The class teacher should inspire the children to make the display board a different one than the other classes. The children will write/paint & give to the class editor & the class editor & sub-editor can plan about the board with taking guidance from the class teacher. Display board can be decorated by following the unique philosophies time to time.


Any student with art hand can be in charge of the black board. Black board shows the every day's development of the class. The number of students present, subject, class, class teacher, class thought, marks of the group wise competitions, the name of the president are written in the two sides of the black board by using coloured chalks. Black board in charge sees the cleanness of the board before starting of any class & after the end of all periods.


Self-Appraisal form is a new technique to bring the behavior of the adolescent students into their own control automatically. In this form the behaviours & qualities of the student is written on

the form. Time to time in every month or fortnightly the pupils are told to give rating to their behaviour. The behaviors like cooperation, punctuality, confidence, leadership, friendliness are given grade like A, B, C, D. By this method the pupils evaluate themselves & become conscious of their own.


As class teacher is the icon before the students, he should be the example before them with the valuable life skills. He should inspire the children about how to manage the stress & control emotion; how to be creative & increase critical thinking; how to effectively communicate & increase the interpersonal relationship etc. Every class teacher should try to understand the emotion of the children & try to handle & expand it. A class teacher can substitute the need of a separate class of life skill education.


Regular checking of class work & homework through the honest elected education minister increases the ability of the learning of the students. Class teacher should not be so hard & so flexible while collecting & analyzing the report of the up-to-date of the CW/HW. Teacher should understand the reason behind not done homework & use the system of counseling instead of showing anger & tension.


The class teacher should see the progress of the class through inspiring the children in participating in different competitions/programmes of the school. He should list out the interests/hobbies of the children & insist them to participate accordingly.


The class teacher should feel the divinity within the children. He can motivate the children towards God. A shelf of the class should be reserved for the worshiping place. Every day the incest sticks may be lightened for the spiritual growth & good smell of the classroom. The class teacher may start the class with 1-minute silence offering to the God.


Smile of the class teacher to the children of the class is like a magnate, which work like anything. The children always hope to see the ray of smile in the face of the class teacher. While entering into the class or meeting a student the smiling touch has its lovable vibration, which make the school a happiest place for the children.

The class teacher can do many more things in a class to make the class a different one in the school if he thinks creatively. The class teacher should feel the sentence that ‘Don't demand respect from the students but work differently so that automatically the children will love & respect you & utter the word with a great pride "Our Class Teacher".'

Harekrushna Behera - Teacher in Social Science
E-Mail - hare_321ku(at)rediffmail.com
Qualification- M.Phil,B.Ed,Vedanta

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