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Saving Time in Your Classroom - Helpful Tips
By:Kristiana Jones

When you cut out your time for roll calling, settling your class for work and every other interruption that can happen to you - you've cut a huge chunk of time out of your classroom time. While your class may seem like it takes forever to a young student who is ready to leave, to you it can seem impossible to get all the work shoved into that one period. Below, you will find some helpful time management tips that might make your day and the day of your students go a little more smoothly.

Preparation can be a very helpful thing when it comes to saving time in your classroom. For instance, make sure the day's lesson plan is ready to go before the class starts. Rather than just having it planned out in a book, actually go through the plan to ensure that you will have an adequate amount of time to get it completed before the class must leave your room. This will help you to ensure that you get everything in and even save time for questioning minds or discussion.

Another key to your preparation is having everything ready to go. Just like a cook should have each ingredient measured and ready before starting the meal, you should have all of your props ready to go before starting the lesson. So, computers, projectors, visual aids and other helpful items should be present in the classroom and in an easy to access location. Imagine trying to hunt down one single picture in the middle of a lesson and wasting valuable teaching time.

Substitute teachers or traveling teachers can save time by ensuring that everything they need is present in the classroom where they will be teaching. Bring needed things with you that are unavailable in those classrooms and create a 'teaching kit' that you bring everywhere with you. This might include necessary supplies and props that you'll need during your lesson. This will help you save more time and manage the classroom time in a more efficient and helpful way.

Good luck.

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