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Michigan - Warren
School:Dominican International Institute <[email protected]>

We are a 2-year vocational college, offering more than 35 careers, on-campus & on-line. We are located in the suburb of metro Detroit, Michigan and have been approved / licensed by the State of Michigan (USA). For all our programs please visit our website at dominicaninternationalinstitute.org or send us an email at [email protected]

School of Languages and Culture:
- English As a Second Language
- ESL – Teacher Training
- Foreign Languages (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)
- Multicultural Studies Specialist
- Teacher of Foreign Languages
- Translator & Interpreter Training

Because we are a non-profit college, our mission is to help communities and individuals all over the world. Our tuitions are much lower than other colleges and we help foreign students with accommodation, cultural needs, languages and thru scholarship as well as part-time work at the school.

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