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Texas - Houston
School:C2C Culture2Culture <[email protected]>

C2C offers a warm, nurturing environment where international ESL (English as a Second Language) students aged 11 to 17 can prepare linguistically, academically and culturally for a smooth transition into college preparatory high schools in Houston before going on to the university or college of their choice either in the United States or anywhere else in the world. C2C's program offers a curriculum that goes beyond the functional English syllabus, providing a content-rich, high-standard contextual learning experience. Students receive the attention they need to gain the confidence to excel in a fast-paced academic environment.

Based in north-west Houston, C2C offers students an American cultural orientation upon their arrival in the US that provides an overview of major US holidays, the US lifestyle, local cultural highlights, and historically significant points of interest. Houston provides a rich cultural background for students' transitional learning experience.

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