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Arkansas - Fayetteville
School:University of Arkansas - Spring International Language Center

Spring International Language Center is a professional academic organization providing intensive English and cross­cultural education to international students. As an institution, we strive for excellence in an environment which treats faculty, staff and students with respect.

We attempt to understand and appreciate the students' cultural differences and to enhance their ability to function effectively in this culture. We believe in encouraging the language acquisition and personal progress of students in an atmosphere of support, openness and understanding.

The Spring International Language Center is a 25-hour-per-week intensive English language program specifically designed to:
Prepare international students to enter U.S. colleges and universities
Assist professionals who desire to strengthen their English language skills
Teach anyone who seeks to improve their English communication skills

Each 9-week session will help students to:
Listen more accurately and speak more fluently
Read faster with greater comprehension and write more clearly and correctly
Improve pronunciation and understandability

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