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Schools looking for agents at
School in Malaysia is looking for agents worldwide
ALFA College -- 2017-10-20 00:59
We are looking for agents in asia and africa or any place else in the world who wish to study in malaysia to recruit students for us in their respective country we are to offer you a commission and to also give you a contract. abdulfatah...
School in Jacksonville Florida is looking for agents
The Ogburn School -- 2017-10-19 20:39
The Ogburn School, Inc. is a SEVIS approved independent high school located in the resort area of Fernandina Beach and Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The Ogburn School is fully accredited and issues I20's for students who wish to earn an American diploma from an English speaking school. The Ogburn Scho...
Online IELTS school is looking for agents worldwide
Josh Hancock -- 2017-10-18 23:26
IELTSedits is looking for schools or agents who wish to work with us on a commission basis. We offer online help for students studying IELTS writing and specialize in Writing Task 1 and Task 2 (Academic and General) We edit every assignment, grade the tasks according to the 4 criteria the IELTS exam...
ESL Summer Camp in Canada is looking for Agents
Jessica Irwin -- 2017-10-14 17:52
We are a language organization that is looking for agent(s) to help with our recruitment for our all inclusive ESL Summer Holiday Camp near Ottawa Canada. Our campus is extremely unique in its nature as we offer a maximum capacity of 8 students per 4 week program. We will be running a 4 week program...
Agent in the US for U.K., USA, AUS and New Zeland institutions is looking for agents worldwide
Mandela Lofton -- 2017-10-14 16:28
Hello, My name is Mandela Lofton I am the CEO of Universal Student Fund in Washington D.C. We have over 200 partner schools for high-school, community college, and university across the U.K., U.S., Australia, New Zealand. We are looking for sub-agents worldwide to recruit for institutions and we pay...
School in Canada is looking for agents
KYOKO H. -- 2017-10-12 19:57
English Language School in CANADA is looking for agents to recruit students from all over the world in particular South Korea, Japan, Spain, China, India, Germany, France...We are located in Whistler British Columbia host partner city along with Vancouver of the 2010 Winter Olympics and 4 season res...
Malaysian Colleges looking for Student Recruitment Agent
Ikram Haque -- 2017-10-06 14:02
We are one of the largest student Recruitment & placement services in Malaysia. We are officially appointed as an marketing partner to recruit international student for few colleges in Malaysia. Currently we are seeking for student recruitment agent/ from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka...
We recruit teachers and principals across India
Thomas -- 2017-10-06 11:32
Appoint Experienced and qualified teachers. We are a Kerala-based teacher recruiting agency, recruiting experienced teachers and Principals across India. All subjects, Christian, Anglo-Indian, Foreign, Male and female candidates are with us. Schools can contact via mail or phone. 9495286066....
Student recruiters from India offer their service to schools/colleges
Mohammed Faiz ahmed -- 2017-09-28 10:30
We are an overseas admission consultancy named Brightway Education Consultants. based in Hyderabad,Telangana, India. We are looking to partner with schools/colleges/institutions for providing them students through our network of counsellors and experts distributed on a PAN India level. Regards Moham...
Agent in Japan is looking for agents in Uzbekistan, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar
Karki -- 2017-09-24 12:07
We are Japan based company located in Tokyo. We are looking for partners in Uzbekistan, Bhutan, India, Srinlanka, Thailand and Myanmar to help in recruiting students for our Japan partner Japanese Language Schools. If any company is interested then please e-mail us.([email protected])...

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