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Schools looking for agents at
Online school in Vietnam is looking for agents
rabj -- 2018-01-10 10:15
Agents located in Vietnam needed. You would be in charge of finding new students and other learners interested in learning English by Skype. Please apply in case you speak English, use PayPal account and know to use a computer. You can contact us by mail [email protected] We look forward to hearin...
Chinese education provider is looking for agents in: UK/USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/IRELAND/SOU
Jacky -- 2018-01-07 20:50
Rockies english school was founded in 2001 in China by Canadian english education specialist. Due to the fast business growth in China, we are looking to hire native-speakers of English to work with us in China as a kindergarten english teacher. We are not an agent or intermediary, and the locations...
Online school in the Philippines is looking for agents
Joan Lyan -- 2018-01-05 02:45
WE ARE LOOKING FOR CLIENTS Our company, I LEARN, TALK, SPEAK, INC. was established and registered with the SEC in 2013 when an Australian-Chinese company engaged our services to teach ESL to Chinese learners online. This service is still ongoing at present. We currently have 45 teachers at our Pasig...
Agent in Shanghai
Igor Ivanchenko -- 2018-00-28 21:37
Good day, everyone! My name is Igor Ivanchenko. I am a professional agent and owner of company. We are a foreign company based in Shanghai, China. We provide agent's services for native English teachers who are willing to work in China. We also can find a flat for u, to help with working visa and to...
Amerian Agent Looking For Agents/Reps in Middle East, Asia and more to Recruit for Universities
Mandela Lofton -- 2018-00-27 20:07
Our company is seeking partners in any country that is able to fulfill the recruiting role for: Asia, Middle East and Africa and beyond. These partners will recruit students for our focal partnered colleges, universities and institutions in the UK, North America, Australia, new Zealand) either for: ...
Karki Dhiraj Kumar -- 2018-00-27 05:49
We are Japan based company located in Tokyo. We are looking for partners in Uzbekistan, Bhutan, India, Srinlanka, Thailand and Myanmar to help in recruiting students for our Japan partner Japanese Language Schools. If any company is interested then please e-mail us.([email protected])...
ONLIN EIELTS school is looking for agents worldwide
Josh Hancock -- 2018-00-24 01:36
IELTSedits is looking for schools or agents who wish to work with us on a commission basis. We offer online help for students studying IELTS writing and specialize in Writing Task 1 and Task 2 (Academic and General) We edit every assignment, grade the tasks according to the 4 criteria the IELTS exam...
Online school based in Subic Bay, Philippines is looking for an agent in China
Lynk Asia ESL ONLINE -- 2018-00-22 19:48
Lynk Asia a successful BPO started to venture into ESL online teaching. We have experienced teachers with ESL experience providing services to children in China, Korea, and Vietnam. We would like to have services of an agent to recruit students for our school in China. Good compensation plan with hi...
International school located in Hangzhou ,China
jack -- 2018-00-20 00:44
An international high school in Hangzhou ,China wants to find agents all over the world to promote their international program....
Online school is looking for agents in South Korea
SkypeEnglish -- 2018-00-18 12:56
We are hiring! - Agents located in South Korea needed. You would be in charge of finding new students and other learners interested in learning English by Skype. Your commission would be paid per new student who starts studying with us officially. Renewal of the package for each student would be pai...

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