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Schools looking for agents

School in Poland is looking for agents in China Taiwan Korea Japan Malaysia Vietnam Russia Singapore.
By:Richard Haberkost
Date: 13 June 2017

WE are looking for a positive resourceful English language student recruitment agent in the following countries, we offer a very generous commission for recruiting agents.

China. Taiwan. Korea. Malaysia. Vietnam. Russia. Singapore. South East Asia. Europe. South America. The Middle East Countries.

The information below introduces our school.

Why Study English In Poland or Europe - EU?

English is a global language tool, it belongs to any person choosing to use it. The language does not belong to any one country.
We provide accommodation, air port collection and VISA support.
The school offers English study courses two weeks and four weeks for each English course each month, for those wishing to study for one week, contact the school and we will arrange an shorter course for you. For those wanting to study longer than four weeks, contact the school and we will arrange an extended course for you.

学 每个月为每个英语课程提供两周四周的英语学 课程,对于希望学 一周的学生, 请联, 我们将为您安排一个延长的课程。 对于想要学 四周以上的学生,请联系学,我们将为您安排一个延长的课程。

General English course. Choice: Intensive Two weeks or four weeks. Classes in the mornings 5 days each week. Afternoons free for tourist and social activities. Cambridge course books.
Intensive Cambridge IELTS. Starts on July and continues for 4 weeks. A two week course from 1st July is also available.
Two weeks or four weeks. Business English or specialist career English course. Contact the school for course.

Pre- Medical English courses. Please read the Pre- Medical English web page for full details.

1. Poland and the EU have English schools with native English speakers.
2. Warsaw city, Poland gives easy access to all EU countries.
3. The visitor visa for Poland and the EU is easy to obtain and not expensive.
4. The cost of living in Poland and the EU is not expensive.
5. English school fee's are not expensive in Poland or the EU.
6. Poland and the EU offer a fantastic variety of food.
7. Poland and Europe have fantastic variable weather climates.
8. You can study in Poland or elsewhere in Europe and enjoy a feeling of also being on holiday.
9. General English courses are supported by a qualified teacher and professional course books.
10. A great study holiday, you choose how long you want to study in Europe, one week, two weeks, a month or longer?
11. IELTS courses are given by a qualified native English speaking teacher.
12. Our business English and professional career courses are taught with course books from Cambridge and Oxford.
13. Our young learners courses are taught using Cambridge Kids box course and additional whole child development materials & activities.

为什么在波兰或欧洲学 英语欧盟?


波兰和欧盟有母语为英语的英语学。 波兰华沙市容易进入所有欧盟国家。 波兰和欧盟的访问签证很容易获得,并不贵。 波兰和欧盟的生 活费用并不昂贵。波兰或欧盟的英文学费不贵。波兰和欧盟提供了各种各 的食物。波兰和欧洲有不同的天气变化。 可以在波兰或欧洲其他地 方学,也可以享受假期的感觉。
* 一般英语课程由合 的教师和专业课程书籍支持。一个伟大的学 假期, 选择 想在欧洲学 多久,一周,两周,一个月还是更长时间?

雅思考试课程由合 的母语英语教师提供。
* 我们的商务英语和职业生涯课程由剑桥和牛津的课程教学。

CONTACT US. TELL US WHICH STUDY COURSE YOU WOULD LIKE? Richard.haberkost@ilsp.edu.pl or ELT-GB@mail.com
We will send you a free quote which will include, airport meeting, accommodation and English study course. Tell us if you want to study in Poland or a different European city-Country. We can arrange your study trip with a school for you anywhere in Europe.

联系我们。 告诉我们 想做什么 究课程。 我们会向您发送免费报价,包括机场会议,住宿和英语学 课程。 请告诉我们您是否想在波兰或欧洲不同的城市 - 国家学。 我们可以在欧洲的任何地方为您安排学 之旅。

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