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ESL Jobs in China

Agency -- Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, PR China
By:Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Co. <morley@maplesbridge.com>
Date: 14 February 2018

You are going to find better offers than this here on eslteachersboard.com. What you won't find with Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company are false promises. Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company is one of the leading international educational services marketing companies within the People's Republic of China.

Currently, our partner English language training school is in need of a caring and dedicated English language learning instructor. Students range in age from 4 - 12. The facility where you will be working is one of eleven corporate locations of Joy English. If you've been in Zhengzhou in the past, you'll remember the Joy School and believe me, you can ask anyone who was in Zhengzhou ten years ago that giving lessons there was no joy. Joy English is not the same operation. Had they asked me, I would have told them to have come up with a different name. The Joy School is long gone but not forgotten because I was one of the unfortunate suckers who did their absolute best to please school officials.

One time, I had a father bring me his six month old baby for two hours of a special, VIP English language learning class. After I finished my lesson time, the father became enraged that I had not instructed his little son how to speak fluent English. I protested by saying that the baby was too young to even speak Chinese but the father had a quick retort. "I didn't pay money for my little son to speak Chinese," said the father, "I paid money for my little son to speak English".

You will have a much better time at Joy English. I know. My name is Morley Chertkoff and I am a Canadian national who has been living and working in Henan Province since April of 2004. You are welcome to look for me on LinkedIn and, if you are outside of PR China, you are welcome to add me on Facebook. My WeChat is MorleyinChina.

The offer at Joy English is based upon experience. The starting wage is 12,000 RMB per month (about $1,650 US) with a furnished, private apartment provided for you along with basic meals. Kindly note that the food served will not be in line with Islamic dietary standards but there are many Muslim restaurants in Zhengzhou where you can purchase Halal food (and beer in bottles which are marked as Halal).

You'll need to work up to 28 hours per week with 20 hours in the classroom and eight hours reserved for administrative work. What I know is that you won't get cheated here. You need to do the work, show up on time and keep a positive attitude. More important that anything else, however, is that you must enjoy giving English language learning lessons to children. If you really hate kids, you don't need to be applying for this position. There are over 6,000 job vacancies in PR China right now for English language learning instructors like you. I don't know the specifics of each of these jobs. I do know, however, based on my more than thirteen years of experience, that you could certainly do a lot worse than Joy English. The parents are upscale and their children are friendly and engaged in their learning.

If you are not currently in China, you will be flown into Zhengzhou at the expense of the company.

You are welcome to apply for this position directly by sending me your resume and application package or you are just as welcome to talk with me first. It is totally up to you and no matter what, I want you to be happy.

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