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ESL Jobs in China

Agency -- Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, PR China
By:Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Co. <morley@maplesbridge.com>
Date: 14 February 2018

I’m Morley Chertkoff, a native English speaker originally from the Toronto, Canada area. I’ve been working as an English language learning instructor here in Henan Province, People’s Republic of China, since April of 2004. Now into my fourteenth year, I'll gladly share my opinion with you as to what I feel are the pros and cons of giving lessons in PR China. I am not, however, a certified teacher and make no claims or representations of the sort. You do not need to be a teacher to instruct English language learning classes in Mainland China but you do need to be kind, responsible and understanding. I assure you that I will lead you in the right direction in terms of offering you work in an honest school to work for which will abide by the terms of your contract.

Currently, the company for which I am foreign general manager, Henan Maple’s Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, People’s Republic of China, http://www.maplesbridge.com is actively seeking an English language learning instructor to work in our partner English language training academy. Henan Maple’s Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company is one of the leading international education services marketing companies in today’s China.

Working hours are up to 28 in-classroom hours per week. Students range in age from 4 - 10. Return airfare, meals and accommodation are provided with a starting salary of 12,000 RMB per month for inexperienced workers. For those instructors who have at least two years of verifiable English language learning experience, the monthly salary will increase to 13,500 RMB for the first six months of employment then further increase to 15,000 RMB for the second six months of employment. Your salary will not be lowered should you decide to remain working for the school for an additional year, or more, after the completion of your first contract.

To apply for this position, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any discipline, be free to come to work in the People’s Republic of China right away and meet the standard requirements of the local education bureau. Applicants from all native English speaking countries are welcome to apply. As a message of courtesy to those instructors from Sierra Leone, the complimentary food provided will not be in line with Islamic dietary standards.

You are welcome to look for me on Facebook and / or LinkedIn.

Although the salary may not be as high as some offers here in this forum, I assure you that I will be here to look out for your best interests. Other offers make many promises and promises attract instructors. Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology keeps those instructors we hire. Now it is your move to send me your particulars by email and let's talk.

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